About YarnFind.com

Welcome to YarnFind.com, The Online Resource for Finding, Buying and Selling Yarn!

As passionate, long-time knitters, we know all about the joys of finding just the right fiber, the most seductive colors and the best quality of yarn for a particular project. Over the years, we have also been confronted with the usual frustrations which can delay or ruin a project’s completion.

You know the drill

In the spring, you find the perfect sweater pattern for your teenaged son’s birthday in December and buy just the right amount of yarn, on sale no less! Summer whips by—and fall arrives. Time to get knitting!So you begin clicking those needles. Half-way through the project, you happen to take a good look at your son. Oh, Oh! He’s grown two sizes since spring—and you know what that means! You NEED MORE YARN!

In the summer, you buy some beautiful wool, silk, mohair periwinkle blend that you simply cannot resist—and tuck it away for just the right project. Then, five years later, a friend announces her up-coming marriage. Instantly, you remember that special yarn, just right for a lovely afghan. So you begin knitting. Oh, Oh! When it’s too late to start a new one, you discover that you NEED MORE YARN!

In the fall, as you stumble across a fantastic yarn sale. Too good to pass up, you buy enough to keep you busy on any number of projects, perhaps a baby’s blanket, a sister’s holiday vest, or a husband’s sweater. Oh! Oh! Like most knitters, in the thrall of a sale, you have several balls of yarn left over—but not enough to begin a new project. You sigh and stash the leftovers in an over-crowded closet, thinking, TOO MUCH YARN!

Your dilemmas are not unique, of course. But you don’t have to spend hours on the phone calling stores across the county to find a particular dye lot--or consult zillions of websites (none of which specialize in the trade of yarn) to sell your leftovers! OUR BRAND NEW WEBSITE IS ALL YOU NEED!

We are pleased to welcome you to YarnFind.com, a one-stop site dedicated to helping you complete your projects—and find uses for those orphan balls and skeins. We also offer ways to use the latter for service projects or donations to needy crafters. In the future, we hope to expand this network to include yarn accessories, antiques, patterns, and much more—AND WE WELCOME YOUR SUGGESTIONS!

We are on a mission. This website provides the first and only place where knitters can network to buy, sell, and trade yarn to save time and money.

Wendy Carr and Sue Tapskin, co-founders